Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Flavor

M&M Gelato....Very Yummy!


  1. hmm .. will give it a try on my open day :) ... my favs are saffron and caramel ... and am starting to like the apple .. must say that the vimto didn;t taste right (to me that is) but it has potential ..

  2. It is a flavor for the inner child in you ;p
    I enjoyed it so I hope you will ;p by the way we do have sugar free dairy free gelato... not as good as the original one because it is vegetable base but a lot of athletes and dieters seem to enjoy it ;p try it next time you go there ;)

  3. alaaah looks delicious!!
    i shall try it soon

  4. I enjoyed it and might take the kids later this day for a treat ;p