Sunday, October 3, 2010

Diet Update - September

I'm not following a particular diet… I went into a detox diet and I hated it. I do not recommend it to anyone who loves a hearty breakfast and lunch. It was pure torture but I lasted three days, where at the end I was hungry and out of temper. Now I'm watching what I'm eating and exercising. I've renewed my membership and going swimming every other day in the morning before breakfast. Yes…I feel a difference but I still have a long way to go ;) Inshallah, for October I'm going to follow a stricter diet…I need to burn off the fat and peel off the extra calories from my meals. My new incentive is an upcoming short trip with my friend in a couple of weeks and a beach getaway for Christmas with Fahad and the boys, and of course being light, fit and healthy ;p I'm walking 30min. Swimming every other day around 30 - 40 min Cycling three times a week 15 min Light weight twice a week for 15 min I know if I want to see more results, I have to increase my exercising time and eat less food ;p I found out that if I'm tired or stressed I eat more, which I am most of the time since Abdulaziz started school, but that is just a whole different post of its own.

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