Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm not a big fan of M. Night Shaymalan movies. I don't go running to watch every movie he directs. I was astonished when one of my girlfriends said "M. Night Shaymalan movies are very philosophical and are not for the regular human mind." Duh! Then what? Only aliens can understand what's the message behind his movies? Or is it only the crazies? In my opinion, M. Night Shaymalan has a short attention span. He focuses on one thing and then drops everything at the end leaving everybody hanging wondering "WTH!", because this is what I feel when I watch some of his movies. On that evening we finished the homework early. We went for our evening walks/biking (which I highly recommend to all the mamas and papas to do with their kids). Then we got back home showered and changed in our jammies had a light dinner, prepared some popcorn, cuddled on our bean bags and throws in fornt of the TV and watched the Last Airbender.
Abdulaziz wants the same Tats ;p
It wasn't that bad although the story was a bit slow and I thought that some scenes were unnecessary, and yes… leaving us hanging at the end wondering if there will ever be a sequel to the movie. Honestly I haven't checked if they're working on an Airbender 2.
My kids really enjoyed the movie. Abdulaziz sat through the whole movie (it's hard for him to sit still), so did Ahmed, he was mesmerized and wanted to watch it again the next day.
Jonah Hex. A western with big guns. It was another evening, the kids in bed and I needed something to take my mind of the daily stress. I liked it. I loved the action and the killing, it suited my mood. I Loved John Malkovich! He plays really good "Love to hate " villain!
Whoever say she's ugly or they don't like her,
are just jealous of her!
and "Chalba I hate her!" ;p
Love him!


  1. I didn't like this movie is both 2d & 3d :(

  2. well i love megan fox , shes beautiful bas b3den she ruined it with all the surgeries shes done :S crazy woman

  3. Crazy... is Crazy...but I think she didn't change much. Remember the soap Hope & Faith?
    She plays the daughter, except she was blond at the time.

  4. eee i remember , i liked her better back then !!