Sunday, October 3, 2010


I think I've already posted about EDO in the past. It is my favorite Japanese restaurant. I just love their food. It is so fresh and filled with flavor, and no matter how much raw fish I have there…I never get food poisoning as I did from other places. Anywho… as I took my first bite of Shrimp Tampura I felt the world turning around. "7aram 3alaik! Why did it take us so long to come back here?" I said to Fahad who was laughing at the expression on my face. Yes, it's been a while we haven't been there.
Negi Mayaki Shrimp Tampura
Chicken Teryaki
Veggie Fried Rice Osaka Rolls & Rainbow Rolls
Shrimp & Mushroom dumplings can't remember the
exact name :)
Of Course no meal is complete without ice cream ;p
Green Tea & Black Sesame ice cream...
It was a meal we really enjoyed.


  1. And now I'm drooling (~.~)
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. hatha ily lel7een ma jarabtaa o wedii ajarbaa!!

  3. I love the atmosphere during the day and the food... it is just fresh!

  4. shhaaaal ice cream @@@!!!! black sesameeeeee shkla woooow
    edo used to be number one...i still think its one of the best..its more janaese than any of the other, not to mention the modern house:)

    try Meli Melo, me heart!

  5. They are all goood... and no we didn't make them ;p However we do this but for other restaurants ;p
    Oh!!! Yes! I love Meli Melo I always order from them home delivery ;p