Thursday, October 14, 2010

Costa... Shelsalfa?

As you know the weather is incredible this week. Fahad and I decided to go for some coffee at Costa and just enjoy the cool breeze, the people and the scenery. Surprisingly it was pretty crowded for a week day. I went to place an order of Chocolate Fresco, Skimmed Latte, Haloumi sandwich and one honey combe chocolate. The waitress took the order and I waited.... and waited.... and waited... finally the guy handling the coffee machine gave me the Latte. The lady who took the order took orders from three other people, who picked up their order and left. I'm still waiting and hoping the staff might wonder why I'm still standing. They just ignored me, until I called out and asked them where was the chocolate fresco and the sandwich. The man quickly mixed the chocolate fresco and gave it to me. More people came by took their order and left and I'm still waiting for the sandwich. "Oh Boy!" I sighed, and as loud as I could I said, "Excuse me! Do I have to wait another twenty more minutes for my sandwich!" The waitress didn't like the way I asked for my sandwich. I was pissed at this point. She brought the sandwich... "Anything else?" She demanded in the most condescending tone. "Yeah... how about a fork and knife?" I was really upset by the service. I went again for a second Latte... The man behind the counter took the order of the women who came behind me while I was still waiting in line. I had to wait 10min, another young lady was waiting for her order and she was obviously upset! "How long do I have to wait for my drink!" she yelled, because lots came and went and her drink was still not ready. "Finally!" she took her drink and left... I was still waiting for mine. I'm usually not loud or rude, but they pushed me into it by their poor service and attitude. We like Costa, we like their coffee their food and the atmosphere, and we like to hang out there, but every since they changed owners the service has become very bad. I counted five staff members while I waited. One who looked to be the manager, was sitting at a near by table chatting with what looked like one of his friends. Two were struggling behind the counter. One was inside what looked like a kitchen/store room, and the last was a harried woman who was clearing the table and washing the china. If the service is going to continue to be this bad.... Starbucks isn't far enough from it and better yet there is Pain Quotidian and Casper and Gambini.
Does this look anything like chocolate?
Fahad didn't like it so I went and ordered another
Latte for him.
Haloumi was good not bad at all. Latte And we shared a chocolate bar between us.


  1. im not a fan of costa , i dont like their coffee at all , but I LOVE their haloumi panini

  2. I like their coffee the sandwiches and the desserts. I passed by the other day and there was a line almost reaching the door! The problem is the place isn't even crowded. I didn't wait I haded to starbuck, even though I don't like there coffee ;p

  3. to be honest a7la hot coffee i get is in caribou and best cold coffee is in second cup and coffee bean , yumm