Monday, October 11, 2010

The Art of War & Business -

Sun Tzu
Fahad is asking me, "Who are you going to war with??" ;p "Not you sweetie" ;p I'm currently reading the "Art of War, plus, The Art of Small Business". I'm finding Sun Tzu's philosophy on war more interesting than the part on the Art of Small Business in the book ;p No... I'm not going to war against anyone, but it does give you a different perspective about your life and the people around you, and of course how to go about in your small business. Can I call Gelato Italiano a small business? Yes Its true, we only have 1 1/2 shop, but we've been in the market for ten years (al7amedullah w allah yezeed w yebarek) and we cater to restaurants, cafes and hotels, and we also cater to parties ;) Well the book is an eye opener and makes you think out of the box. Highly recommend it to those who are starting a business or already have a small business.

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