Monday, December 5, 2011

TV Shows

Now, after a long day... yep and nannyless... the only way I can relax is after tucking my boys in their beds, including their father, and sit with a tray of snacks and catch up on my favorite shows!
These are the following shows I'm currently watching and I still have more shows I haven't watched yet ;)

It is new and fresh. Although sometimes they are going round and round and much predictable mystery, but it is still early to judge. I'm half way through and hope it wont disappoint me.

I'm loving this show! Yes I love it and I hope it doesn't
drag on like "Lost".
I'm not into Turkish soaps, but this one "Hareem Sultan" on OSN Ya Hala has caught my eye with its promos and previews and I am hooked! The story takes place during the golden age of the Ottoman Empire under the reign of Sultan Sulaiman.
The story is about the conquest of Sultan Sulaiman whether on
 the battle fields or in his harem.
I'm also in love with this show, although I missed few episods. I hope to catch them up later.

Ok... You want to upgrade your wardrobe? Then watch this show. Gok's takes on highstreet fashion and upgrades the clothes into coture level. He has inspired me to do something about the many gray and black cardies I own :) Inshallah I'll show you the end results after I'm done with them. The show is on BBC style.

Another show I'm enjoying is Terra Nova. It is a cute show.

I've posted about Supernatural previously.
I liked the show until the 4th season.
Now I feel they are running out of ideas
and going round and round...
I miss the ghost and monster all they do is running after demons and too much drama for my taste.

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