Monday, December 5, 2011

House P1

 My sister Dana took upon herself the herculean effort of renovating the family home. The process of meeting with architects, designers and the whole renovation thing took almost a year, but the results of her efforts are breathtaking! Never doubted her, she has great taste!

These are snaps of the outside terrace (pics not giving it justice), the Entrée, and the Syrian room (my favorite room in the house).

The Terrace

The Entree

The Syrian Room

What do you think?
Stay tuned for more ;)


  1. mashallah mashallah verrrry beautiful, neat & elegant! Im in love <3 cant wait for the next post! wanna see more pix :D

  2. Gorgeous mashallah, 3asah bait embarak :)

  3. I already told you.... nice work mashallah! She should start a business. I love it

  4. i love it! waaayed 7ilo, i love the walls and the pillow patterns, they go well together!

  5. Thank you all! :D
    Ansam the designer she hired offered her a job since she did most of the work for them ;p