Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Gifts

 The boxes, the cookies & of course the cards.
This one is signed by Ahmed.
Abdulaziz didn't show me his cards.

Every Christmas I try to think what to get to the teachers as gifts. I don't want to get just anything that I'd expect other parents will get. As usual I was looking for something different, and at the same time get the boys to participate in making them.

I was inspired by Martha Stewart, a cute box filled with cookies…right? What do you think? Crazy idea! Because after getting back home from work I had to start on them, especially that my main oven isn't working and I only had the small oven which only takes one tray at a time :s It was exhausting!

Few days before I prepared my list of things to do and prepare for. Then with the help of the boys (a bit chaotic at times) we started our baking after the homework and revision were done.

The cookies we made: Sugar cookies with colored sugars, candy cane chocolate chocolate chip cookie squares, chocolate & peanut butter chip cookies, Ginger sugared cookies. I also wanted to add something Kuwaiti so I placed an order from Homemade for their famous pistachio Ghraiba.

I really hope the teachers appreciate this labor of love. I know that my kids and I really enjoyed making them and so did my family and friends who I sent for them some of the cookies to try out ;)

 I'm thinking of introducing this cookie at Gelato Italiano.
Would you buy it?

 Note: I don't have pics for Abdulaziz,
because he is like a Tornado in the kitchen.
He doesn't give me a chance to think of snapping a pic of him.

Homemade Ghuraiba

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