Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Time at Baking Tray

God only knows how many times I pass by Baking Tray during the week on my way to the store, but yes! the horror! I know…I haven't tried it for the frist time until last weekend :p It was a cold cloudy Friday and we wanted something yummy and filling to warm up our tummies ;p

We arrived there at a time which wasn't a lunch hour nor a dinner hour so we were the only ones there. It was a bit chilly and Ahmed who napped in the car was cranky and whining. He was a bit distracting

The staff were welcoming saw us seated, then we changed tables because of a cold draft, then they forgot about us for a bit because they got caught up in taking delivery orders, from what I saw. Even the menus were left at the first table we sat at and Abdulaziz went to get them for us. But after calling one of them, everything went smoothly. We placed our orders. The waitress was helpful in suggesting some of their popular dishes.

We ordered: (I hope I get the names right) Avocado Salad, chicken Sandwich (don't remember the name and not pictured), Philly steak sandwich, Mushroom pizza, Lasagna bolognaise (not pictured), Roasted Potatoes (not pictured), Chocolate Cake, Pumpkin pie (both not pictured), and last but not least Baking Tray's famous cookies.

The food was very good. I tried a bit of everything and the boys really loved the Lasagna. Fahad liked his chicken sandwich and he ate half of my Philly steak, which I loved!

Yep! Will visit again very soon to try their breakfast ;)


Abdulaziz getting us the menus.
He wants to work there and get
paid with a dozen Chocolate chip cookies per day ;p
Can this happen?

 I loved their tomato butter.

Avocado Salad.
I loved!

Philly Steak Sandwich
It had that amazing sauce in it
which makes it different from
other Philly steak sandwiches
I've tried before :) and the bread! YUM!

"So Aziz, how was your food?"
He gives me a thumps up!

"Ahmed, did you like your food?"
"Leave me alone mama! I'm eating!"
"Ok, just tell me, did you like your food?"
"Yes! Here!" he gives me a thumps up.
I felt he wanted to tell me,
"Yalla 5al9eeni!" ;p


  1. i love their tomato butter spread too!! im kinda addicted to their cookies! and i recommend you try the chicken semolina!, my favorite

  2. Chicken Semolina is the one Bu3azoz had ;) he really liked it :)