Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

It has been a very long last month for me. Very busy and more than I can chew. At times very stressful and ready to snap at anyone… well I snapped and bit most of the times. The funny thing is I had a "Me Time @ Spa Time" on my schedule which never happened  I really need it.

Only few more days till 2012. Any plans? None whatsoever! At this time of the year I'm supposed to be chillaxing poolside at my beloved Bar AlJissa, Oman, with Fahad and the boys. We had to cancel because of unforeseen working schedule. *sigh* Besides I'm having a guest coming for New Years. I'll post about him when he comes ;p I know that my Ahmed will not enjoy this new guest ;p

 *sigh* I love this place.
I want to go there!
*My Dream Bike*

I'm trying to make the most of it with the boys, going out for walks while they cruise with their bikes. *sniff* I want a bike! I was supposed to get me one. I found it in Dubai and we were flying for a day to get it and again we canceled :(  Ahmed got very sick and Abdulaziz had exams during the week. Yallah 5ira.

Ahmed is sick again this morning. Same thing like every time, except this time I caught it too. I feel physically drained. I want to cuddle and watch some movies :s

I wish all my none Muslim readers a Merry Christmas
 and hope you enjoy your Holiday with your loved ones.


  1. 3ajeeeb the pink bike!! ma a6la3 feh if i owned it! a3algah bil 6ofah!

  2. Noon! I spent 3 years searching for a pink bike and when I found it I didn't get it :( Allah mo kateb!