Friday, November 18, 2011

Hot Chocolate

PQ Hot Chocolate

I have given up my daily Lattes for a while now, and in my case it made a huge difference with my weight loss. However, I still indulge, at least once a week, in a cup of hot chocolate as a treat to myself for being a good girl.

My top five hot chocolates :

Gelato Italiano Hot Chocolate
 Paul's Hot chocolate

Second Cup Hot chocolate

Pain Quotidian Hot chocolate

Chocolate Bar Dark hot chocolate

Paul's Hot Chocolate

I picked this at Duabi's air port thinking I was in for a treat.
It wasn't as good as it seemed and had to double the amount indicated by the instructions to get the required results.


  1. Try nutella hot chocolate and i'm pretty sure it'll be one of your new favorite drinks :D

  2. ive tried the lindt, i actually like it and yes i doubled the amount too, we like it heavy :D