Saturday, November 5, 2011

No More Shoes


I'm practically salivating whenever I look at these two heels even when I swore no more Loubies for me because they kill my feet!!!

But I might give these two a try and I hope they are available at Salhiya. I don't want to order them and then they'd join their brethrens in my shoe closet without being worn :s

Lately I've been buying more platforms because I feel they are more comfortable when I wear and walk in them, but not when I have to walk on uneven ground and take a tumble
which I've done on several occasions ;p


  1. i have the red ones, i find them tres comfortable for loubies! got them from salhiya in september! xx

  2. Sij? It has been a while I haven't stopped there. I hope I'll find my shoe size there :) Thanks :)