Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Menu at Life With CoCao

Last Wednesday I was invited by Ansam as Pink Coffee for Life with Cocao Marketing PR, to try new items on their menu, and I had to bring a friend!

Unfortunately I misunderstood and I thought we were just there to try their desserts. So after a long day I had a late lunch at home and got ready to head to 360 Mall. I was really sorry to find out that the sampling included their savory dishes. I'll need another visit inshallah and try other dishes.

However, my friend and I have really enjoyed their desserts. They were superb!!! And we had a good chat with Chef Marcus. He explained to us what his philosophy in preparing these dishes, everything fresh and made from scratch! Yep I'm definitely going to go back, taking my monkeys with me, to try their salads, pastas and sandwiches.

It was also nice to see my fellow bloggerettes. It has been a while gals!

We ordered several desserts and shared them. And here they are :)

  Hazelnut Cake...  I loved digging into this cake every layer is different from the other. I loved the final layer of hazelnuts and caramel sauce. It was so yummy!!!

 The Dome
I loved the presentation!
It was absolutely elegant.

 It was a chocolate mousse with a center of mango mousse. The flavor combination took me back to my childhood. Now tell who didn't have mangoa and chocolate boutha in their life???

I loved the opend chocolate shells filled with different flavored centers. We actually argued on who will try what ;p

The White Square.  It is a mascarpone cheese cake withe chocolate cakeand filled with chocolate sauce...
It was very light and delicious.
I also liked their ice cream.

Since I forgot to bring my "Handy Dandy" note book,
I had to make my notes on a napkin. My handwriting isn't that
good but not as bad as this ;p

I  ordered a double Espresso...
and Yep I stayed awake half the night ;p

And of course their fabolous staff! They were super friendly!
And here they were making funny faces when Dudette from asked them to do something funny for the camera ;p


  1. HAHHAHAH :P They were super cool .. oooh gotta try the desserts you ordered too looks super yummy bil 3afia :*

  2. Yes they were :D ... me too I want to try the ones you did, they look amazing :) allah ye3afeech :*