Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trip to Dubai

I'm back! I spent a whole week in Dubai doing…. Nothing!

Before we left, I told Fahad that I wanted to sleep late and take everything very slowly! And I warned him if he wakes me up at 5 am, I'll book myself another room! I can't remember when was the last time I really slept late.

Another thing…I didn't want to worry about the boys. As it happens I left during a time when Abdulaziz was having his exams, and I trusted my sisters to help him study. They did a great job with him, and I kept repeating to myself on the way to Dubai "I don't want to worry about him!"

We stayed at The Address Dubai Mall. I was a bit apprehensive because a lot didn't encourage us to stay there, even the travel agent who we deal with, she was a bit hesitant when I asked her about it. The rooms weren't that big, but they were clean and I loved the bed! It was one of the most comfortable beds I slept in at hotels. Loved it! And the service was good too.

We woke up late and left at our leisure for breakfast or brunch. Then we'd go for a walk around the mall and then cozy up in one of the many coffee shops and read our books. A couple of nights we met with friends who were there for dinner and movies, but most of the time we just zoned out!

I did a little shopping but nothing with the "WOW" factor attached to it. I guess the highlight of this trip was Book World by KinoKuniya. Yes! I was practically jumping with excitement by the amount of books they had there. We spent half a day there browsing through books from every genre and subject. I know! I'm a geek! So is Fahad! And I'm already making plans to fly there for a day sometime very soon for more books I've been adding to the list of books I wanted to read. It is just a shame we don't have book shops like this in K-Town.

All in all our trip was super! Even when I got back I was still zoned out until my kids came back to me. (No they didn't want to get back, they wanted to stay with their aunties)

Here are some pics I took whenever I remembered while I was there. Yes I know lots of food ;p

 Who Loves Rugby?

 I didn't have anything to eat the evening before and while finishing packing in the morning I didn't eat anything...so this breakfast on the plane was super yummy!

 The lobby at the Adress Dubai Mall

 Oh yes!!! Our room 518!!!

 Inside the room. It was really nice.
I love the bed so comfy!!

 A pic of the bathroom

 Mini Bar. I really loved the Green Tea brand
they use. There is no bitterness to it.

Lunch at Joe's Cafe.

 I loved the pictuers hanging on the wall and
our table was under a pic of Jeremy Irons

 Lately I've been ordering Iced Tea without syrup of course. It is my new Haba! This one an Arnold Palmer was yummy
and I used stevia to sweeten it :)

 I was really hungry so I ordered their signature dish, risotto with a creamy pink sauce and chicken. It was suprisingly light!
I want to replicate this in my kitchen ;)

 Fahad had the grilled chicken with steamed veggie... mmmm you think he is going healthy??? NOT! He ordered a side dish of fries (not pictures)

 This is my Disney World!!

rows and rows of shelves filled with books!
I don't mind living there!

 *sigh* Yes I'm already making plans to go there again inshallah!

 Some  of our evenings we spent it at the movies.

 Breakfast at D&D with a wonderful view of the fountain.

 It is such a beautiful view and in the evenings even better!

 One of the best Almond criossants I ever had.

 Fahad and I also shared this cheesy omlete
with mushrooms and grilled tomatoe.
Very yummy!

 Afternoon Tea at Karat lounge at the hotel. I liked the lounge because thier chairs were so relaxing and we cozied with out books until it was time we had to meet our friends.

 White tea. I loved the set. I want to have a
an afternoon tea gathering some day.

 Mini Yummy finger food. I twas good but
I didn't like their macaroons.

 I liked the scones and mini brioche and the spreads.

 One evening while browsing through the shops I saw this Organic Food & Cafe Store. It is similar to D&D except it's done in an organicky way ;p Of course I had to brows inside the store and I got amazing soaps in different frangrance and Organic teas for myself and my sisters.

 Of course no stay or a visit at Dubai Mall without a stop at Magnolia Bakery...right?

 Although I wanted to try everything but I'm trying my best to not lose it during the trip and we were already feeling full, so I took these for cupcakes for a late evening snack ;)
The only one I didn't like was the Red Velvet ;p

 Because I've been shopping for a dinning table this one has
caught my attention even though it isn't what I'm looking for.
It is pretty and I loved the table set.
I liked the black and white table set of New York,
and they had other amazing stuff.

All in all, Al7amdullah, it was a wonderful trip.
We really took things slow and enjoyed ourselves.
Yes there isn't many pictures, because I didn't
do anything!


  1. Welcome back..ah i love dubai..i bet u remebered me when you were in the hotel:P

  2. LOL :D I stole your room number picture of course hehehe! LOVED this post! Very nice - amazing pics too

  3. The Boudoir...Yep!!! I did think of you ;) I love Dubai too...Home away from Home as I like to call it :)

    Ansam...Steal away!!!! as much as you like ;) Thanks :D