Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movies We Watched

One of the reasons I enjoy going to the movies in Dubai it isn't because the movies are uncensored…it's because wherever Cineplex I go to they have very clean bathrooms! (3azkom allah)

Whenever there is a group of blockbusters are being played on the same week, we fly there for a couple of days just to enjoy them,
un-slaughtered by censorship.

I love the selection of sweets, chocolate, drinks and popcorns at the counter; they even have ice creams, fries, hotdogs nachos and crepes in savory and sweet flavors. I know we have something similar here but there it is tastier! Maybe because they have a bigger selection to choose from.

There were times on past trips, when we stayed there for a whole day, watching four movies in a day!

We spent time at Festival City Cinema and Grand Megaplex
(Ibn Battuta Mall)

 Who doesn't love Wonka Candy??!!!

 Giant M&M's it lasted 3 days with me :)

 Popcorn flavored salts...I know TSC brings them and I bought them few times...but it was a surprise to find them at the cinema :)

 Some wipes to clean up after having a greasy hotdog
or a mix of sweet and salty popcorn ;p

 Yummy Fries!
However you like them...I had the twisters

Oh yes..your own 3D glasses... new, clean and unworn,
but you have to pay for them..
I took them back for the boys ;p

Now the movies we watched:

I was really looking forward to watch this movie.
It was entertaining and I liked the action but
highly exaggerated and unrealistic.

Very entertaining. I loved the Rocky meets Robetech theme!
Waiting to get a copy on DVD for the boys to watch it
on our family movie night.

It was ok and had it's funny moments...
Fahad didn't like it.

 Cowboys and Aliens??? It was a very fun movie to watch!!!
I loved it actually and there were some scenes
when I jumped out of my seat!
We both loved the movie.

The plot has been exhausted in several movies,
 nevertheless, it was very funny!
For those who didn't watch the movie
wait until it comes out on DVD.

Well that was it...

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