Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dinner at the Diwaniya

Every Friday is our gathering, as I like to call it "Our Diwaniya", just to annoy Fahad. I decided to make dinner that night. Nothing elegant on the menu, but very delicious Kuwaiti comfort food!

So what's on the menu?

Balalee6 (sweet saffron vermicelli topped with herbed eggs)

Baith Tomat (Scrambled eggs with tomato and onions topped with parsley)

Falfel with a my special Tahina sauce (not pictured)

Chili Hommus (Not too spicy but it makes you to eat more of it)

Ratia (Cucumber with yogurt and herbs)

Um3azoz's Foul! (my own secret recipe of mixed spices)

Roca salad with parmesan, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and a simple balsamic dressing.

Iranian Bread with sesame (not pictured)

Chai 7aleeb (Milk with Tea...no not the watered down kind, I heat the milk with a mix of my spices, then I let it rest. Before serving I heat it again this time adding tea bags depending on the amount of milk, then I strain it in the serving thermostat. Unfortunately it isn't pictured here.) All in all the food was very very good! And the girls enjoyed it very much. Inshallah after the vacation, with this weather at it's best, I want to barbecue :)

Our Diwaniya...it is at my friend Noonoo's house. The space was made for our gatherings. It is opened every day for whoever wants to pass by but all of us gather once a week :)

Antipasti: Cheddar & Emental Cheese, Calamata Olives,
Pesto,Green Olives stuffed with Sundried Tomatoes,
Mushrooms in vinegar and spices,
Peppers stuffed with Cheese (my favorite).
All from TSC.

 Falfel & Chili Hommus.
 I mix the green chili with the Hommus to give it that Zing!
The Falfel was store bought, but the Hommus was made
by yours truely :)
The Tahina Sauce wasn't pictured.
 Ratia. Yogurt & Cucumber...
best to help digest all this yummy food :p

Baith Tomat. It is delicious! Best ever!

Foul. My presentation sucks but the taste is amazing!
It impressed Noonoo, who is a picky eater!!!

Balaalee6... I think I will make it for the picnic...
What do you think? Yes?

Simple Roca Salad

And of course my Chocolate bread pudding.
I had something else I wanted to make,
unfortunately I was running out of time and
had to whip up something fast.
Bring Gelato is always a welcome to my friends,
however I wanted soemthing different this time.

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