Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tunis 4 - Hamamat

We left around noon for the resort town of Hamamat. The drive was pleasant and we passed by beautiful scenery. Ahmedi napped through all the drive and Azoz… well I just have to be thankful he didn't jump from the window. The town of Hamamat, is filled with hotel resorts, parks, cafes, restaurants and night clubs. It all depends on how you want to spend your time there. On a previous trip few years ago, we did a lot of things. This trip I have the children with me so some entertainment areas were off limits. My brother in law booked us in Abou Nawas Hamamat. A resort build in the late sixties, I think, and it stayed just as it is since then. It was like walking into the past. It wasn't that bad I kept an open mind and tried not to compare it to other resorts I've been to in the past. As long as the kids were having fun nothing really mattered. My friends ask me about the weather, and I told them it was around 31c but a beautiful cool breeze blew from the sea, and it is like spring compared to our weather. We divided our time between the beach and the pool, we'd order pizza for lunch, then I let them get out of the pool for snacks and a short nap, and in the evening we'd go out sightseeing and to dinner. The first evening we went to Al Madina. It is a mini fortress with a mini bazaar, cafes, restaurants and a casino inside of it. It was really crowded and there were a lot of tourists from Libya and Algeria, but I really liked it there. We had a light dinner of Corque Monsieur Sandwiches and ice cream for dessert. Since Hamada was already sleeping, Azoz and I walked around shopping in the mini bazaar. The next evening we went to Al Yasmine Marina, filled with restaurants and cafes, the weather was pleasant enough as long as I had my fan. We had dinner at Pomodoro, not the original one. I liked the way how they were all crowded next to one another. We had gelato after that and it was very good. The third evening we were too tired to go anywhere. I ordered pasta for the boys from room service for the kids and went to bed after that and I was looking forward for the next day. So stay tuned.
Abou Nawas Hotel & Resort part of the Kuwaiti
Investments in Tunis
I just don't have any idea why Ahmedi is crying
Azoz making one of his funny faces!
The Coffee Shop by the pool
Ahmad enjoying the cold water
Done for the day!
A wedding at Abou Nawas.
The entrace of Al Medina Fortress
an image from the bazaar
I liked this ceramic handiwork
A love affair with ice cream
Azoz and his funny faces
Azoz and the lobsteres
Sea bass in wine and herbs. Very delicious!
Steak in pepper sauce
Steak in Mushroom sauce
All from Pomodoro restaurant.
What I loved about Tunis is the food.
All delicious and fresh! you can taste the difference.
Again, the family clown and his funny faces
Ahmedi is self -concious about protection against
the sun! ;p


  1. Food pictures are mouthwatering! Specially the seabass and steak in pepper sauce! Ahmedani 6ali3 3alay hehehe ye7eb el ice cream

  2. Ansam the food tastes sooo different and you'll notice the difference very quickly, since they have nothing imported and all local and seasonal. I still can't forget the sweetness of the tomatos. Fahad decided Ahmedan will be running the business ;p