Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tunis 2

Tunis Al Khadra! What can I say about it? I fear words will fail me, but I will try. As soon as you step on the grounds of this country you'll experience a different kind of energy buzz, loud and vivid yet quiet and lax. It all depends on how you want to experience Tunis. I love this country, I love the people, I love the evocative atmosphere, the snaking alley of street bazzars, the smells and sights, the country side, the beach, the green rolling hills, and I can go on and on… It is my fourth trip to Tunis. I usually go there for business, scavenge hunting for distinctive pieces, which are scattered around the country side, for a small side business I own. This time it's different. This time I'm on vacation, I didn't want to think of business although I was highly tempted, and it is the first time for Ahmed to travel outside of Kuwait. We arrived at Carthage airport around 1.30am, by the time we got out of customs and collected our suitcases, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Did I mention I hated long trips? Plus I had a restless 3azoz, and an irritated Ahmed. My brother in law, Fawaz who is a diplomat, was waiting for us. We were so happy to see him. We stayed at the apartment building owned by the embassy. My brother Falah was on the second floor and Fawaz occupied the first floor. It is a very spacious apartment. Next day we went grocery shopping at Geant it is identical and a competitor of Carfoure. Just getting some juices and snacks for the boys. I like browsing through Tunisian food products and it is very delicious. I love their Pear jam, unfortunately I couldn't find the brand I usually buy when I'm there. I still felt exhausted from the flight, so we went back to the apartment to rest until the evening we had dinner at a very charming hotel called Plaza Corniche Hotel. I loved how their terrace was filled with hanging lights, chandeliers, lanterns and Christmas lights from every color and kind and everywhere you look around. Inside the hotel it was cluttered with unique pieces, I felt like walking into an antique shop. Very beautiful!!! The food was amazing too!!!
Ahmed Sleeping on the plane on the way to Tunis
Carthage Airport
Geant supermarket
Snacks for my babies
Azoz with a waiter antique figurine
Hanging lights of The Plaza Corniche Hotel & Restaurant
Mezzah of meatballs, Harissa, olives & sweet potatos in olive oil
Fried Muscles
Steak in butter
Breaded Calimari


  1. Interesting... but the pictures r not clear.

  2. Would LOVE to visit Tunisia one day :-) 3alaich bel3afiaaaa

  3. where's the rest?

  4. Anon: I will make the picture bigger the next time.
    Ansam Allah ye3afeech ;) inshallah you will you just tell me when ;)
    Anon: The rest is coming soon. stay tuned.
    Chika: I caught the bloggertte bug ;p