Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tunis 3 - Ghar El Melh

Second day was Sunday. We decided to go on a picnic to Ghar El Melh, about 45 min drive from Tunis, through the country side. It is a long stretch of beach for a picnic and swimming. My brother in law, Chef Fawaz, its what I call him, prepared us some herbed chicken sandwiches, and fried chicken legs with fries. His beach gear ready in the car, we just had to change and head there. On the way we made few stops, buying some beach toys for the boys, and stopped at fruits and vegetables street vendor. We got some fresh delicious ripe seasonal fruits. The best I ever tasted. It was a first time on the beach for Ahmedi. I loved watching the wonder on his face as he took his first step on the sand, and the way he looked at the waves and sea. As he reached the water, he pulled down his swim suit!!! It was so cute! We spent the whole day there, we ate from our delicious lunch and enjoyed the cool sea breeze. We bought some candied nuts from vendors with baskets. We packed our gear and headed back to Tunis as the sun went down.
Just follow the signs ;)
Scenes while on the road. Welcome! Ghar El Melh
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables on a side street.
Grapes as sweet as honey
Our Picnic gear
Ahmedi undressing as he reached the water Azoz & Ahmed
Enjoying the sea water for the first time
Candied nuts vendor.
Candied nuts.
What's left of our lunch, I was too hungry to remember to take pictures of it