Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gifts from France

My friend Dalila arrived few nights ago from France. She is French of Algerian origins. A very intelcutual lady whom I adore and respect very very much. Of course when Dalila comes from a trip she always brings with her a treasure. When she called this morning asking me for Azoz to visit them and play with her sons, I was glad to send him and have few hours of peace and quiet. I had a long nap without hearing the war of the puppets on the other side of the hall (3asa allah ya7fetha). When he got back half a sleep. Thank you Dalila!!! She let them play at the pool, then with playmobiles until her kids and mine were exhausted. With him she sent her gifts from France. Enjoy the pictures.
Does any of you remember Zorro? The old series, not
the Antonio Banderes movie.
A small note for Azoz from his friends Ilyes & Sofian A small note for me from Dalila.
I enjoy books as gifts more than anything.
A coffee table book of photography by Sebastiao Salgado.
Some cook books and CDs.
Tunisian cook books.
A box with a football uniform of Le Coq Francais
A knife for Fahad, which I kept for myself.
Mmmm... a bag of goodies from the country side!
A hand made cooking apron.
The goodies, from left to right, Marron Glacee spread,
Mountain Apples Juice, Chestnut Pasta, Honey and Nougats
A Picture of the farm where the got all those goodies.
It is called the Region of D'Ardeche
I really enjoyed what she told me about her trip, I am tempted to spend my next summer there
if God is willing, in the country side and with nature.

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