Thursday, August 6, 2009


What to pack…what to pack!!! I'm leaving tomorrow and I still haven't packed anything! I started with Azoz's suitcase, but stopped, I had my doubts whether I've put too much clothes or not. I still have Ahmedi's suitcase, and Fahad's and mine, and some stuff for Fawaz, my brother in law. Ahmed's things are more than any of us combined. The maid isn't helping much. She doesn't know how to pack and just dumped the clothes in the suitcase, I had to rearrange everything, it is exhausting. It is Ahmed's first trip, the first time on a plane. I have my Tynol and Actified ready. The PSPs are charged and my fingers crossed. I still have a very long 'To Do' list. I have a lot of things to get before we leave and friends and family to say goodbye to. Tunis! Here I come!

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