Monday, August 24, 2009

Gelato Italiano Ramadan Flavors

As owner, I come up with ideas for flavors and discuss them with Fahad and try to find a way of making them and have our friends try them to give us their opinion about it. This time round, we were in a tight rush. We got back home from our vacation only a week ago, and there wasn't enough time experimenting on the flavors so we just plunged in and tried to make the best of it. Since last Ramadan I wanted to try the Rangeena. I had an idea how to make it and which gelato basic recipe to try with it. I can taste it just by thinking of the ingrediants, however I know in the end it would be different from what I imagined. It is the same thing with the Qammardine w/ pistachios and the Chocolate w/ Rahash and the Kunafa. As owner, Shahadti Majroo7a, but I can say I'm very much in love with these flavors after trying them for the first time last night. I loved Rosewater, Rangeena and Kunafa the most, but I do recommend you try all of them.


  1. Tried them and LOVED THEM SO MUCH! I must say my favorites were rangeena, rosewater, and choco/rahash

  2. Bel3fia! mine is Rangeena and rosewater too. ;)