Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ben's Cookies

I was in Dubai few weeks ago for a day... While waiting for our plane I remembered there was Ben's cookies somewhere... I asked the help desk and she told me it was in terminal 3 and thank God not far from our boarding gate.
So my friend and I walked all the way there and bought a box each of mixed cookies.
When we sat near our gate it dawned on me that I haven't got some for my sister who loves them.
When I suggested to my friend about going back she said "You go! I'm beat!"
I made the walk back to terminal 3 and my feet were aching but i was rewarded by arriving and finding freshly baked cookies with new flavors that weren't available earlier. I took two extra large boxes ;p

They were worth the trip. Amazing and very yummy!!!

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  1. i loved them two but one is enough, i still think baking tray cookies are the best !