Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Quick Trip

Few weeks back my friend and I decided over breakfast to go to Dubai for a day.
Just going on the plane was enough change for us ;p
It was a quick trip... We had lots of fun just walking around in Dubai mall window shopping and enjoying the atmosphere and yummy foods.
Being a foodie it's only natural that I'm drawn to snap pics of foods.
I leave you with the pics :)

We took Jazeera very early in the morning. Im not a fan of Jazeera but it was the
only flight available at short notice.

As soon as we arrived at Dubai mall we headed at Cheese cake factory for breakfast.

A yummy selection of cheese cakes... Unfortunately were so full from breakfast
we didn't get to try the cheese cakes.

I wanted to try this... Maybe next time inshallah.

My Latte

I loved their Napoleon French toast <3 br="br" craving="craving" i="i" it="it" m="m" now.="now." right="right">

Their Monte Cristo was very yummy too... But the portions were just too
big even for two gourmets like us.

While browsing through the shops La Cure Gourmande attracted my attention and we went in...
They have the best candy I've every tried.

Their nougat were soft and chewy. And their Caramels (not pictures) just melts in my mouth.

I love the colorful array of their packaging <3 br="br">

Yummy chocolates

One of the reasons I went to Dubai was for the Organic food cafe. The last time I was there I got from them some tea and I was running out of it. Unfortunately I didn't find the tea i was looking for :(

I should have got this mental health tea for women now that school has started and
as always Abdulaziz and Ahmed driving me crazy ;(

Random shots
The fountain at Dubai Mall

I wished I have brought the boys
Well not really...maybe some other time ;p

I loved these lunch boxes and when I snapped a shot and sent it to the boys to chose
 which one they wanted. Ahmed sent me a voice message "Mama I'm not a baby!"

Loool! Funny card which got for Fahad :p

Peanut butter Reese's sauce at Hershy's World...

I love Reese's products <3 br="br">

My second reason for going to Dubai is to Book World... I had my book list with me so I wouldn't waste time browsing (even though I wanted to camp in there badly)... I got the ones on top of my list... There are some I didn't find... and I was afraid I go crazy and I only had a small bag with me.
Maybe next time :)

Here are the books fantasy & romance... Well that's what I'm in the mood of reading these days.

We had a late lunch at Armani cafe. The last time I ate there I was sick and hardly tasted the food.
 It was the first time for my friend so we went.

I ordered a berry cocktail... Which was yum-O

I loved the rocket & Parmesan salad. Loved it!

Their bread basket and the dips which comes with it are mouth watering.

That was my order can't remember the exact name of the dish but the meat just melted in the mouth and the mushroom pudding which comes with it is out of this world!

For dessert we shared a berry tart which was smooth and fresh and the gelato which comes with it was very very delicious <3 br="br">The day passed very quickly and we headed back to the airport very much exhausted... By that time we just wanted to reach home.
It was a wonderful change from routine... I'm really contemplating of going again very soon maybe this time spend few night catch a couple of movie and camp at Book World <3 br="br">Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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