Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Year... New School...

Yep! I've transferred the boys to a new school... Hopefully better. So far I'm impressed by their organization and school system structure. Inshallah khair.

However we have to leave the house very early because of traffic. The ungodly hour I wake them up to get them ready is exhausting on them and me. By noon I could hardly function let alone poor babies.

So I guess I have to improvise. Instead of wasting time on breakfast as we usually do, I just have to prepare for them food to eat on the way to school. Going through my cook books I'm searching for some inspiration, ways to serve them something different and interesting. The school also has restrictions on what food to pack for the kids. No chocolates, cookies, Nutella, candy, chips, chocolate drinks and soft drinks for the kids. I feel it's like a challenge to come up with new stuff the past few days, especially that Abdulaziz is a picky eater and drives me crazy when it comes to meals.

So what do you pack for your kids? And do they have breakfast at home or on the way to school? What do you prepare for them?

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  1. My daughter's school has the same healthy lunchbox policy. I usually pack for her sandwiches, fruits like strawberries, apples, grapes... Popcorn, Juice & Biscuits.

  2. Shadia8872... Thank you for your comment ;) I do the same with my boys, and sometimes I add a mini pack of Hello Panda, waffer biscuits or a chocolate muffin, but apparently it isn't allowed. Popcorn is a good idea. I'll ask the teacher if it is allowed. Thanks :)