Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have an over due Ramadan posts. So I hope in the next few days I'll post them all.
Last Ramadan I was blessed with good friends who sent me "Neq9a" "gifts".

First from my sister in law Reem who sent me a box of biscuits made by "Home Made Chocolates" in saffron and Rahash flavors. They were so delicate, crisp and filled with flavor. I'd have a couple after iftar and they were enough Yuumy as desserts for me. ;p

Then I received an amazing Ramadan themed basket from Swaira from Crazy Yet Wise. Wallah my darling my ga9arty!!! I loved it!!! I loved the tea, the dried fruits, mixed nuts, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, the gum and candy! Loved the feel of Ramadan in the basket and the effort and thought put into it. Swaira, I can't thank you enough 7abeebti! W inshallah na5demich bilafra7!!

The third "Neq9a" I get is from al'3alia AlNoury!!! A Kuwaiti Ramadan themed colorful tray filled with mini pots, a bottle of mini Vimto and a mini teapot. They were sooo cute I didn't want to open them or eat anything from them… but hey! You know me! When it comes to food I polish it off within seconds ;p Lovely Halwa, and Muhalabiya in the tiny pots, and the sesmea balls are yummy… but my favorite were the Ghraiba, And of course the Vimto!!! I didn't use it until we reached the end of Ramadan when I found out that we ran out of Vimto minutes before the Iftar and finally opened the bottle and used it ;p
AlNoory kilich thouq, lovely lady, and Thank you sooo much for the gift <3 font="font">

Last Neq9a I received was from Delivery Express. I was speechless by their generosity! I got four boxes of chocolates!!! It was just too much. Thank you Mr. Fahad AlJarallah for your thoughtful Neq9a. We really loved it.
Our business deals with Delivery Express. They are professionals and have great service.  

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