Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Drama Continues

The drama with the salon in our building and their clients continues. I won't get into the gory details which we have reached with the owners of the salon few months back (nas waq7een! Hailag and I consider whoever goes to them hailag as well!).
Anyways, as you can see in the pictures the parking space on the right side belongs to one of our neighbors it is closed by a cone, insuring that no one parks in it while they are out, the space on the left side belongs to the owner of the salon and she closes her space too. One of her hailagiya and inconsiderate client parked in the middle, blocking the space of the neighbor. So what he did is blocking her car with his and going up to his apartment. I heard that the owner of the car went up to him and a big fight ensued. Gal3at'ha!!! I know our neighbor and his temper and zain yesawee feeha!
Beside the cones, as you see in the pictures, there are signs which say "No Parking!", but still ill mannered and inconsiderate people park in the spaces.
Well… it is just to pinpoint the inconsiderate bad mannered people. We see them everywhere.
Is there a law against parking in private spaces? If there is one then the next time I see someone in my space I'll just call the police and let them deal with it!
I will keep a log on every incident which happens regarding parking spaces in out building or on the streets like parking in handicapped spaces or parking in two spaces instead of one.

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