Thursday, January 19, 2012

Merci Laudree

A week ago I got a call from Laudree wanting to deliver a package for me. I found out the package was their Espahan & Divine cake but it got delivered to the wrong house. I really appreciate their thought and it wasn't a big deal and I assured them of it.

Yesterday I got a call from them and they had another package they wanted to drop by. This time I got it.

Thank you Laudree… really you didn't have to.

Now when I got the bag, the first thing I noticed was the pastel green paper bag. Reminded me of the paper bags we got from our Boulanger, back then when I lived in Paris, same quality and same texture. I was thrown back in time! The early mornings when two paper bags were delivered to our home filled with warm buttery croissants and other yummy pastries just out of the oven.
La belle vie!

Back to the present!

I opened the bag, it was filled with four mini sample pastries, two croissants, one plain the other with walnut paste, one pain au chocolat, and one sugar bun. The aroma hit me right away and I wanted to have a bite from each! Even when I wasn’t feeling hungry! You think I'd share??? No! I ate them all by myself like a little thief ;p

Encore Merci Laudree, and I will definitely pass by to give your menu a try.


 Pain au Chocolat

Sugar bun

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