Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breakfast at Baking Tray

 I enjoyed my first visit to Baking Tray that I wanted to give it a second try. I was feeling guilty that the boys didn't enjoy their Christmas break, being stuck at home, but I know the boys enjoy good food. This time we were joined by my sister.

As usually we were early. The staff were cleaning and prepping when we walked in, but were welcoming.

We placed our orders for a Mushroom Omelet (for the boys), Turkey Omelet (for me) French Toast (for my sister). Hot chocolates for my sister and the boys, Ice tea for me.

The food was superb! I loved my omelet. I'm craving it now as I'm writing about it at this moment. The Ice tea was amazing! I loved it! The boys enjoyed their food so much and so did my sister. I tried the French toast, it was very good but I felt the portion was too much.

Of course we left with two dozens of their famous yummy cookies :) or our visit to BT wont be complete ;)

Now I want to try their homeslice. What do you recommend? ;)

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