Monday, January 16, 2012

Tidbits Here & There

Again I haven't been posting much because I just don't have the time to do so. I doubt you want me to post about food, movies and books the whole time because that is what I've been doing lately in my free time.

I have been super busy… we're coming up with new stuff for Gelato Italiano inshallah :)
There were times when I sit behind my computer and start venting…but after cooling off I just delete it. There is some light venting in this post, so I hope it isn't too much for you ;p

Thank You

I want to Thank everyone who invited me to attend some recent events. For the time being I do not attend anything. As I've mentioned before, my grandmother has passed away and I don’t attend events. But Thank you so much for the invites and don't lose hope in me, soon I'll be attending ;)

Just imagine….

You're driving your friend in your nondescript house car, and your so called friend tells you…
"Shino she3oorich w entay kintay terkbeen a'3la alsayarat and the latest models and now you drive this car?"
Of course it was said not in a joking way. The intention was to hurt and humiliate.
"First, since I owned every car you can imagine it doesn't make a difference what I drive. Second… I already ordered the car so and so and it is on its way."
The so called friend's face turns in every color and shade you can imagine. Intention to hurt and humiliate failed!

Well you wonder what kind of friends I surround myself with. Thank God this didn't happen to me but to a close friend I know and she called to tell me and laughing about the whole situation. I think my friend was too nice with this person. But she is a nice person.

"Laish ma zaifaitiha w wagaftiha 3an 7adha?" I was incensed. It isn’t the first time something of that sort happens to my friend with this person. "Why didn't you banged it in her head that appearances doesn't matter to you?" I shake my head giving up wanting so much to be in my friends place, "ili 6ool 3omrah 3aish bkhair w ne3ma ma te'3era almatha'her w tafahat. Bil3aks, nefra7 for a person if she got something nice for herself, w entmana kil 5air lha. Laken ili 3aina thayja allah ye3eena 3ala 3omera"

I do understand jealousy and envy. It is a natural emotion to every being, but to feel jealousy to this extent this person feels it… it is sickness allah yekafena sharaha!!! W allah ye3eenah 3ala 3omerha! Chanzain te6ee7 bilsani.

Shino sh3orkom etha in76aito bil mawqif nafsa? What would your reply be?

I hope she reads this…

Living in Denial

My word is law in the household. What I decree is accepted without argument…well what can I say I'm a tyrant.
 Since September I've noticed my boy was growing almost as tall as I am and I had to shop for him in the mens section. For the first time I felt helpless and clueless. My mind can't digest my little baby is now wearing size Small from the men's section! I honestly almost started crying! The sales person saw the expression on my face and volunteered to help me. Yes I am in denial.

It didn't stop with only size of his clothes. He has opinions now and starts questioning me at everything. He wants to do what he thinks is right. At first I tried to resist, he is still a child, but then I had to remind myself that he is growing up whether I like it or not and he is at this stage where his character as the man he is going to be is forming, and my job is to guide him, and besides I'm starting to really enjoy saying "I told you so!" whenever he is wrong ;p I even have to remind Fahad, who is very old school when it comes to raising children, that he has to listen to what Abdulaziz has to say and let him voice his opinion.

Few days ago he resisted to have either I or the house keeper to go with him to fix his computer at AlRehab mall... and we all know alshkal al7ilwa there.

"I'm old enough to take care of myself!" He protests

I took a deep breath. Please calm down. I wanted so much to hold him and wrap him in his baby blanket and not let him go. But I did, and I had to trust Karam (the driver) to keep an eye on him.

It is difficult.

Well that's it...atmana ini ma thagalt 3alaikom ;p


  1. The moment I read about what that so called friend said I was like "what a bitch!"

    So what the hell is she saying? Shamtana? Eshtabee? Min 7alat showare3 el q8 3shan elwa7ed yeshtere syara ab a'3la athmanha yetshai7a6 feeha? Showare3 el Q8 yabelha dababa a9lan!

    If I was in your friend's shoes I would have parked the car, gave her a piece of my mind, told her what I thought of her, and thrown her out from the car and my life. But then again that's just me.

    And about 3zoz... you want him to go to re7ab with the housemaid!? From his point of view that is very humiliating hon. He is a grown man ism Allah 3leeh o wants to explore his new world :) I say give him heavier responsibilities o say the magic words "Enta ryal fa..." like maybe booking your next trip's tickets -dad made me do that ever since I was 13- o Allah y3eenich 3la el teenage years :S

  2. First of alla 3a'6am allah ajrej :*

    o second regarding Aziz matter, mashallah allah ya7fe'6a o ybalghej feeh I got a nephew in the same age exactly and noticed the same emotions from my sister as well cuz the teddy bear first nephew of me is becoming a man we can't do anything about it just a few years back I used to steal his sneakers size 37/38 now hes size 41 and shops from men section for small sizes !
    they grow up too fast allah ya7fe'6hum and your lil' man seems to grow independent and strong willed just like his mommy so you shoudnt worry, I known you briefly and your a great mum mashallah !

  3. Danderma... as I said my friend is too nice. mat3aref te9araf fee hal mawaqef. I guess I would have done the same as you suggested, give her a piece of my mind and let her get on a Taxi... bas maskeena 7adeethat ne3ma w almathaher '3arat'ha.
    About Azoz...He is ten...and his Arabic mekasar! you can't understand a thing from him! Yes I know I'm neurotic when it comes to my kids. But I'm trying to give him more responsiblities. *sigh*

  4. LadyB...Thank you hon :** ajerna w ajerich.
    I do understand, and I know I have to let go a little...but I'm very protective when it comes to my kids. Today he came telling about a girl he has a crush on!!!
    "I don't care what you think of her! I love her!" he told me. :s
    and he is only 10!!!
    Allah ye3eeni! Thank you so much :***