Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Fahad!

Happy Birthday my Darling Fahad!!!
Love you w inshallah rabi ya7fethek
w ye5aleek lena.

Like every year, he asks for my devils food
chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing
which I make from scratch!
No shortcuts there and it tastes amazing!!!
It was sprinkled by Ahmed who was
back home from school when I was
assembling it :)


  1. Happy Birthday Bu3azoz... allah ya7fetha wekhaleeh lekom ya rab! Not a chocolate cake person, but the cake looks delish mashallah! 3alaikom bel3afia

  2. Toomzie... it is a Wicked Cake!!! ;p

    Ansam... Allah ye3afeech w yesalmich w ye5aleech ;*** Ameen ya rab!

  3. oooh nice

    happy birthday fahad , dalal can u give me the recipes for the cake and thanks