Thursday, June 6, 2013

Re Kuwait - Day 3

I woke up on the third day praying may God grant me strength! For I need it. It was the day the boys are participating in a farmers market selling Lemonade and we had a lot of preparations to do before the market.

So I started my day with my green juice and a little while later my red juice and packed the juices I needed and we were out of the house! I've realized I'm very partial to every # 2 juices. I like them very much! It says on the bottle 'Refresh your Senses' and they are very very refreshing!

I must confess though, I was obliged to try the lemonades the boys were preparing just to be sure they're following the recipes right. Since I was just taking few sips and the lemonades were sweetened with Agave nectar and honey, I hope no harm was done to my juice cleansing fast.

Another of my favorite drinks is # 6. It is milky from the almonds and sweet from the dates and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla, very yummy and it fills me up by the end of the day and cuts off my hunger. I wish it was made for midday where the hunger hits the hardest.

Yes it was a long day, very exhausting trying to keep the boys focused on their tasks, but not tiring like before. I felt more energized and lighter from within and I went on until early evening. By the time I got back home I was starving but in a good way.

My sister asked me how much weight I lost. I told her I didn't know, but I felt lighter, healthier and all I think about is a plan for a healthier life style, more time at the gym and more time for myself.

Again, if you're expecting you'll lose those five kilos that wouldn't budge with this program, well maybe you will, but it isn't the right way to take a first step for a healthier you. I know we all know what works best for us. That is my opinion and what works for me.
Will I do this program again? Yes definitely! However next time i'll plan it in advance and do it when my life is less crazy.

I know I must start my 4th day with light meals but I promised the boys for some pancakes. I promise I will find a light option on the menu if not have something to drink and have porridge when I get back home.

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