Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pancakes @stacks_q8

For awhile I've been craving pancakes. On Instagram I'm following @stacks_q8 and their pancake pictures are so mouthwatering. Since I promised the boys for some pancake over the weekend I decided to take them to Stacks.
Their place is in Bnaid AlGar overlooking Istqlal St. on a corner. It isn't big but very cozy. Luckily there were only us there. You know how rowdy the boys can be sometimes, and they tend to stand out in small spaces :D
Since it was only us the service was quick. We ordered the Nutella pancake and the Banana Flan pancake.
I'm going to keep it as short as possible... They were the best pancakes I ever had! Very very delicious!!!
Their pancakes are very light. They taste so good, and you don't feel stuffed after that. I loved it! And I want to go again to try their other pancakes.

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