Thursday, June 6, 2013

Re Kuwait - Day 2

I always wake in the morning full of energy. I had my first juice and went on my daily work buzzing around here and there like a buzzy bee. I was really worried that I might start feeling tired and I had so much to do, but I felt good, really good in fact, just a bit hungry for solid food, and I felt a vibrancy to me. Even my skin felt different.
I really loved the second juice pineapple with ginger, very fresh and light. I was sipping it and didn't want it to finish.

It was later in the afternoon when I started feeling tired, but not as tired as the first day when all I wanted to do is sleep.
I relaxed sipping the rest of my juices and enjoyed my TV shows.

My friends were asking me how much weight did I lose? Honestly I didn't weigh myself.
The idea of the whole program isn't about losing weight but cleaning up your system, and jump start your body to a healthier life style. I just hope I'll stick to the healthy life style I have in mind. :)

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