Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Re Kuwait - Day 1

Following news and hearing about celebrities going on juicing diet made me wish we had such companies here in Kuwait.
Not that I can't do it at home, but I'm too lazy to go through the whole process of juicing veggies and greens.
I bet all of you have heard about Re Kuwait by now. I was following Re Kuwait on Instagram and waiting for it to start its production. Like a giddy child in a candy store I called and signed up for a 3 day juicing program.

The day came when I first got the call and the idea of the program was explained to me.
It isn't a fad diet. It isn't a diet where you'll expect to be dropping kilos.
No... It is a program which helps give your digestive system a break and flushing out toxins from your body. Then you can start with a healthier life style.
The juices were brought to me the night before I started my diet with a booklet explaining further about the juicing program.

Now! My first day! First I have picked one of the most stressful weeks to start a juicing fast. I'm stressing about Abdulaziz's exams, and then he will be participating in a farmers market and I'm trying to get his gear ready for it.
I started my day with the Green juice. A mix of greens and fruits. Not bad a bit spicy. I sipped from it until I was done... Now what? Half hour later my body wanted something solid and filling. I occupied myself but then I started feeling sluggish and I took a nap.
I woke up when it was time for me to pick Ahmed from school. I had a killer headache and a short temper, snapping at poor Karam.
At lunch time I was having my third juice, and all I wanted was to get back in bed. Fahad went on full panic mode. He isn't used to see me looking tired. My darling diet saboteur suggested I should try some veggies from the stew. I held on to my resolve, "I can do it!!!" But get me into bed first!
After my second nap of the day I felt more refreshed, just a tiny bit cranky, but good to go. Well I think I'll strangle Abdulaziz first, but I'm good.

The boys were soo psyched when I asked them who wants to change into a vampire? They have to take few sips from this special juice. It was hilarious!

The juices are good, light not heavy like the smoothie and soup diets I go on sometimes. The green juice which I was a bit wary of wasn't that bad.
All in all... I passed my first day with flying colors. Lets see how it will go with crazy tomorrow.

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