Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ahmed's B-Day Breakfast @Cocoaroom

Yesterday was Ahmed's Birthday and we will be celebrating it until mid next week I think.
Anywho, the boy wanted breakfast at the Cocoa Room. He wants their cheese and mushroom omelet and their chocolate pancake.
So we went. While placing our order he told the waiter that it was his birthday and that he was turning six. The waiter congratulated him shaking his hand. Oh Ahmed was very pleased.
I was planning to order their chocolate pancake after the boys finished their breakfast and I even brought candles with me. But the staff surprised us with a plate of pancake with peanut butter and caramel sauce and chocolate sauce on top, and they sang happy birthday to Ahmed. The rest of the diners also clapped and cheered wishing him a happy birthday.
Ahmed was really taken by surprise and overwhelmed.
"Mama how do everybody knows its my birthday!" He exclaimed.
He made his wish (he wants to be the invisible man so he can go choke people. Just don't ask) and enjoyed his pancake very much!
So thank you Cocoa Room <3 br="">

Blowing his candle

I really liked these pancakes loved the chocolate,
 peanut butter and caramel combo.

And here is birthday boy so happy!

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  1. "he wants to be the invisible man so he can go choke people"

    LOL That's not bad actually, I've heard weirder dreams from kids.

    Wishing Ahmed all the best!

  2. Awwwww Thank you Kuwaitiful.
    Actually there is a long list of wishes, but that's the one which he wants the most :s