Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012

This has gone on far too long!
Where are the Super Powers in this World??
Why haven't they put a stop to Kony all those years???
28 years!!!
Or isn't there any oil in Uganda to draw the Super Powers
 attention to this place???
Children! Children are dying!
They are abducted from their homes, used as sex slaves
and soldiers in Kony's army!
Till when?


I watched it twice.
First in mute because the kids were close by
and honestly I didn't want to draw their attention to it.
Half way through I'm chocking!!!
Just by reading the haunted and terrified look on Jacabos face!
After sending them to their room, I turned on again
and watched the whole video, and I can't stop crying.
I hope 2012 is the end of Kony, and may he rot in hell!

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