Thursday, March 8, 2012

Young Chef's Academy

Last Friday we spent the whole day at Discovery Mall with the boys. After lunch the boys wanted to play at Goal. However the game wasn't to Ahmed's liking. He thought it was like his birthday, he gets the ball to himself. So what does cranky Ahmed does? Yep he throws one of his "Super Tantrums" which I ignored until it passed. People passed by looking at him wondering why this kids was speaking to himself. "Te7el6em"!
So after he calmed down I suggested to him to try "Young Chef Academy" since he liked to cook. I know it has been opened for a while but I haven't taken the kids to it. I convinced my cranky "Petit Gourmand" to check it out. So after going through their mini menu from making pizza to decorating cupcakes and other yummy items, we decided to try out the Oreo Truffles.

Ahmed was shown into an open kitchen after washing his hands and given a very cute apron. Chef Jake, a very sweet man, assisted him and guided him through the recipe. I can see he was enjoying the experience and his bad mood evaporating. Oh yes!!! The boy is finally smiling!

It was a simple recipe and after he was done the chef told him he had to wait at least 15min for the chocolate to cool off in the freezer. Ahmed didn't want to go anywhere fearing someone might take his truffles ;p

When he got his truffles, Chef Jake gave us a paper with the recipe. Of course "Petit Gourmand" didn't want to share. I had to trick him to get one truffle!

It was a very enjoyable experience, and I'm really contemplating of inviting some of his friends and take them there.

 Is Mr. Cranky smiling?
Look at that cute apron!

 Cracking the cookies
and venting his temper...
wallah a very good tantrum management
therapy ;p

 Mixing and Mushing the ingredients together...
another very good type of therapy!

 He wouldn't let me take a pic of his mixture!

 Moulding the truffles into little balls.

 Et voila!

 Covering the Oreos in chocolate

I wanted to have one 'cause I felt it will be goowey
and extra sweet because Ahmedan made 
them with his own hands!

 Putting extra crushed cookies on the truffles.

AlNathafa min AlEman!

A really smile!!!!
And he didn't want to share his truffles!


  1. Way too cute! I saw kids cooking the other day and it's a good method for them to steam that anger off :p love Discovery Mall!

  2. Hehehe... and it makes them calmer too. Wallah it is a good place for kids. Inshallah when Alma is a young lady you'll take her there ;)

  3. wa5tiii smilaah 3alaih! 3o2bal ma tshofenaa BIG chef!