Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sidi bou S3ied Ya S3ied!!!

The evening before, we had dinner at a Thai restaurant, delicious food, with Fahad's cousin Khaled and his beautiful wife Noora. We had a great time with them. Later that evening my brother Falah returned from Kuwait very late and the kids and I were already sleeping. So we saw him the next morning at breakfast. He was sooo excited (but that's a long story and needs another post). Falah had errands to do and Fahad went with him. Fawaz, the kids and I headed to Sidi bou S3ied. If you ever go to Tunis, Sidi Bou S3ied is a must to visit. It is a cluster, of white washed traditional houses with light turquoise doors and windows, built on a high hill. I just love that place. By the time we got ready and headed there it was already mid day and the sun high and hot. Fawaz parked the car and we walked a short distance, crossing a mini bazaar and into the main street of Sidi Bou S3ied. We crossed the road and got into one of the houses that is opened for the public. I've been to that house before, and when I built my house few years ago, that house in Sidi bou S3ied was my inspiration for its design. The lady at the door who sells tickets, was astonished Fawaz spoke in Tunisian accent. For a moment she was puzzled and couldn't make out from where we come from. But then he told her we were from Kuwait. We got into the house. Very very beautiful. It's like stepping into a time capsule. The house has been restored to its old glory with mixed and matched colorful tiles, white washed walls, traditional upholstery and furniture, and old paintings. Some rooms had mannequins dressed in traditional bridal gowns. After we went around the house and snapped few pictures, we were back on the main road passing through a market and up the hill. On the way I found a tiny shop which sells "Bambalouni" Tunisian doughnuts. OH!!! They are so delicious!! With the exercise of climbing up, and the heat of the sun, poor Ahmedi turned as red as a turnip. Fawaz carried him for the rest of the way. We reached the top of the hill, which overlooked a seaport and the most beautiful view of the sea. Below there were cafes and restaurants, but the children were getting tired so we headed back down on the same way we came from. We passed a lady who does "Harkous" it is like henna but black and it smells like boukhour. Azoz wanted to have a tattoo so the lady made him a scorpion design which they believe it brings good luck. I had one in a flowery design. We passed through the mini bazaar, Azoz bought some drums for him, Ahemdi and his cousin Fahoodi. Next to it was a small stand which caught my eye. It was homemade candy. Candy of every kind! Candy brittles with different kind of nuts, Nougats, Turkish delights and many more. I became dizzy just by looking at them. I bought few bags of mixed candy. Yum! We headed back home. The boys jumped in the pool with their uncles, Fawaz and Falah. I went to rest and prepare myself for the big night! So stay tuned to know what it was about!
Getting ready to leave. Ya 7alathom 3yal Al Khaled ;)
A partial view of Sidi bou S3ied from the parking lot.
Going through the Mini Bazaar
We will be heading up the road soon!
3amo Fawaz, Azoz and Ahmedi
waiting to buy a ticket
Ahmedi resting. I love the mixed and
match tiles.
Bridal Gowns, some reach up to KD3000
because of the lace and hand work intricate beading
I just love this painting!
Azoz and a traditional door behind him.
A shot from the roof at the back of the hills.
A snap shot from the roof looking at near by houses
A view of the inside of courtyard of the house
On the way up we passed Le Haute Cafe serving
delicious sweet mint green tea and traditional sweets.
Bambalouni! The best I ever tasted!
The Bambalouni chef a very sweet man. He didn't
mind me snapping a picture of him.
Going up and up through narrow streets
A View from the top of the hill.
A Traditional Tunisian door.
A Sign for Sidi Sh3ban Cafe
Azoz is having a Harkous Tatoo
Scorpian Tatoo made in Harkous
Lutfi the Candy Man! Bags of mixed candy.


  1. mashalla both r really nice alla ya7feth'hum wekhalehum aham shi 7amada "High Confidence"

  2. Hehehe... Thank you sweetie. Allah ye'7aleech entay ba3ad :*** miss you long time.