Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School!

2009 is senat al '7asbega! I don't know why? From the beginning of this year, everything I do or intend to do goes wrong! Yesterday I had everything ready and set so this morning will go smoothly and stress free! I had only 4 hours of sleep, maybe less. My alarm clock goes off and I force myself out of bed. Azoz was already awake and excited. I ask him to get ready while I too get ready, and to be quiet about it so he wouldn't wake up his brother. Yeah!!! If I wished for the moon I would've got my wish! Few minutes later a disgruntled Ahmedi walks into my dressing room wanting his bottle. Since the maid isn't any help at all, and I don't trust her with my kid's things, I had to do it myself. Ahmedi gets back to his bed with his bottle and I went back to my dressing room. I hear Azoz calling him "Ahmaaaad! I'm going to school and you are not!!!" and he is repeating it over and over. Few minutes later Ahmed walks in the room crying. I dress him up so he can come with us. Finally!! We were ready to leave. I look around and check everything and what I discover… the pencil case and the lunch box are missing!! "Where are they Ya Azoz? Did you open your bag and took your stuff out?" I can feel my spine straining as the stress began to creep into me. "No!! I didn't not touch it! Maybe its Lakshmi." Azoz protests. I turn around to Lakshmi. (She used to be Fahad and Fawaz's old nanny. she's been in Kuwait for the past 34 years, and you can't understand one word from her) "Lakshmi did you see Azoz's school things which I left here?" I ask her. She shakes her head. "Yes…yes… I take to his room." "Ok… can you please bring it here?" I said not really trusting she understood what I was asking her for. She rush to the kids bed room, which is a war zone of toys and I follow her. She fumbles around and I feel she is beginning to panic. "Ah! Here it is!" She gives me the old pencil case which is used for the house now. "No, this is not it. It is a pencil case and a lunch bag which is similar to the school bag. Where did you put it?" I ask again calling on every ounce of patience I have. She shakes her head at me. "This is the only thing I took from the living room. Ok? I go wash dishes now, I arrange room later." We are going to school! We are late for school! And she misplaced these crucial items, and she wants to wash dishes!!! To make matters worse, Azoz and Ahmed are fighting and I could hear them screaming! I was losing it! losing my patience and my temper. "No! you look for them now!" I go to the boys and yell at them, then I went looking in my bedroom. I began to question myself whether I really had them in the first place or I was imaging them. But I do remember last night I filled the pencil case with pencils and pens! And then placing it next to the bag so I can show Azoz in the morning what I have put for him and remind him to take care of his things and not lose them on the first day. Twenty minutes pass and no sign of either the pencil case or the lunch bag. I made up my mind while searching to go buy him a new set on the way to school. I stuff new pens and pencils and whatnot in the bag with his school snack. We get in the car and we head to Sultan. I was debating whether to replace the same items, or buy him a whole new different set. What if we find the missing items, and I get stuck with two of each? I told the kids to wait for me in the car and I head inside Sultan. I browse through the bags and I find a whole new set, with G-Force character. I buy him the whole thing, and as I was passing I find a mini bag with Kong Fu Panda and I get it for Ahmedi. While paying I find the sanitizers and wet napkins and remember I forgot to put these in the bag, so I added them with the stuff I got. I get in the car and I ask the driver to rush to school. I fill the pencil case and the lunch bag, and change school bags and we were good to go by the time we arrived. Since we are late, classes already began and we had to look for his class. We went around several times before we found his class. He goes in and I wish him a good day, and I pray to God ye3adi hal sena 3ala '7air!
On the way out. Notice the bag is Iron Man.
At Sultan, I get him a G Force bag, with pencil cases, and Lunch Box
Ahmedi's Kong Fu Panda bag. He will be starting
Nursery in January inshallah.
Sanitizers & anti bacterial wet napkins.
Allah yaster min hal na'9ra!
Can't wait to go in school. I had to call him twice
so he can stop and I take this shot!
Ahmedi following his brother.
We'll see what he'll do in January
At the enterance of the school
In the Hall looking for his classroom
Finally! Al7amdullah he made it in class!

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  1. alla ywafga wenshalla nshof Dr. Azez & Eng. Ahmed :)