Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friday Pasta: Lorenzo

It was one of those lazy days, when even the boys weren't in the mood to go out, and the help had the day off. "So, are you going to cook something or are we eating out?" Fahad asked me. I wanted to cook, it has been a while I didn't cook anything, but I felt lazy. "I guess we're eating out." I replied. Abdulaziz protested. He was busy playing a game on his computer with his friends. "Nah! Your eyes need a break from the computer." I tell him and pull him from where he was sitting and send him away to change, threatening if he didn't do so and very quick, I'll confiscate the computer for the rest of the break. Ahmed had no problem. He was excited to get out of the house and was expressing it by jumping from one sofa to the other and from one arm chair to the other until he scared the life out of me when he toppled from the arm chair. Now we're ready, we get in the car, I'm driving, and Fahad curiously looks at me. "Have you decided where we're going?" I nodded, smiling. "Lorenzo. It has been awhile we haven't been there, and I'm craving Roberto's pasta." "Roberto isn't here."
Roberto is an Italian restaurant owner and chef, who fed us the best Pasta and Italian cuisine I've ever had in my life! "I know! That's why we're going to Lorenzo!" I reply a bit exasperated. Gee! Men! On the way, I explain to the boys we're going to Lorenzo which serves Italian Food. You know I'm one of those mother's who is a bit neurotic (well not a bit but I try to ease on them a little), and want my boys to be the perfect little gentlemen they are and know about everything. "Bas mama! You're boring me!" Abdulziz finally snaps. Ok. So I shut up for the rest of the drive. Salhiya Plaza was practically empty. Only few families here and there and the weather was a bit windy. I wanted to sit inside, but Fahad thought it was better if we stayed out, knowing the boys, they wouldn't sit still and would want to run around the fountain. Of course he was right.
As usual, the service was impeccable and the food exquisite, and the weather held until the end. Hence, we had a wonderful meal. Even the boys enjoyed their food and didn't move until they were full and done with their meal. As soon as the sun went down, it grew more windy and cold. We felt too full for desert, so we ordered chocolate cheese cake slice to go.

My order, Trio Pasta. All three pastas are very delicious.

It was a bit too much for me so I shared some with Fahad and

the boys.

Fahad's order, breaded chicken fillet and fries, I shared

with him some of my pasta.

Abdulaziz's order Lorenzo's Lasagna, the best ever!

Ahmed's Alfredo with mushrooms and chicken in Penne.

It was so yummy!

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  1. i love their french fries and thooog 3abdelaziz naaar, i agree that its the best lasagna out there!!