Sunday, April 15, 2012

No No Nanny

No No Nanny

Since last November I don't have live in help. Actually the only help left in our service is the driver and he will soon leave on his yearly vacation next June.
How did I end up in this situation? Well when the nanny left it was on the understanding, which we reached, that she would come back. She even left a lot of her things behind. Anyway, her leave was at an end there was no news from her. When we finally reached her, she was making excuses, and it was obvious she wasn’t intending to come back.
When she first left  it was a bit chaotic at home. It took me a couple of weeks to get my bearings and manage my schedule to be there for my kids and work and at the same time maintaining a social life. Thank God my kids are not small. I was put in a similar situation when they were younger and it was a nightmare, and it always made me wonder how mothers without help managed. But now they are old enough to take care of themselves, maybe the only problem I'm facing is I'm always rushed and I find myself short on time. However, I'm lucky to have the support of my sisters who are there to help whenever I need them. Actually, now my kids spend their weekends at my parent's home. It gives me time for myself and slow down for a couple days. I guess it is the only thing which is keeping me sane.
I have a contract with a company who comes during the day twice sometimes three times a week to clean up. The rest I do myself and my kids also pitch in. That is the best part of not having help in the house. My kids are more responsible and pick after themselves. They are calmer, their attitude has changed to the better.
It isn't that I've ruled out having help, right now I'm enjoying playing the domestic/superwoman part, but since I might be traveling soon leaving my boys and their father behind, I guess they will need some help around the house. Well… we'll see how it will go.


  1. mashallah 3alech wallah! I can understand newly weds not hving help coz they don't hv kids but with 2 boys mashallah, you're more than super woman :)

    God bless you o allah y5aleelech your kids :*

  2. Awwww Thank you Swera :* It isn't as easy as it the same time ra7a nafsiya!!!

  3. Do you mind if i ask what the cleaning company is? I didn't know there were any in kuwait!

  4. Anon. There are a lot of companies. This is the number of the one I deal with 97725669 ;)

  5. I am one mom who doesnt have live in help, my maid comes twice a week to wash the bathrooms and clean up the place...and just like u said, I find myself in control and really like son is just 3 years old so he is not the 'picking up after himself' kind, more like making a mess, lol...but I hope he will be disciplined like your sons as u have mentioned...I am really against domestic help as nowadays I see kids being brought up by maids more than their parents!!!

  6. hi,
    i have 2 boys one is almost three and the youngist just turned one.
    i had no live in help since i got maried until my lil one was 5 months old.
    i loved it as you ladies say but then....
    it was crazy, and i had to have one, as 2 lil boys and so young and a job, left me sleepless with no life for me.
    i raise my hat to you, and wish you all the best as i know how you feel.